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Montego Classic Dog Food Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

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Sometimes puppies can be shy eaters when joining a new home. Avoid enticing them to eat and simply give them Montego's Classic Puppy Food. One taste and they'll be hooked and meal times will become their favourite time of day. The food will provide them with a diet rich in the essential ingredients required to grow happily into the dog they'll eventually become. Buy in large quantities because your puppy will be begging for more. | | * Provides a balanced, wholesome and easily digestible diet that puppies need while growing | * Created with larger kibble for large to giant breed puppies | * Made up of 26.5% Protein for strong bones | * Provides the Calcium & Phosphorus to help develop and maintain the growing skeletal systems of large breed puppies | * Reduced fat for growth & weight control | * Contains Omega 6 & 3 for a healthy skin & coat

Reviews (19)