Flamingo Akela Suckling Bottle Set 140ml

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Perfect for nursing abandoned, orphaned or sickly puppies and kittens, this suckling set comes with bottle, teat and even a brush for cleaning. Most puppies and kittens will suckle easily until full, then reject the bottle, just ensure the flow rate is not too rapid for them. If they attach but do not begin sucking, gently rub the chin and neck to stimulate them. This teat and bottle stimulates their sucking reflex to help their mouth strength improve, newborns usually require feeding every few hours. | | * Suckling bottle set | * For puppies and kittens | * With bottle, teat and brush | * For orphaned and abandoned pets | * Ideal for sickly fur babies | * Length: 13.5 cm | * Width: 5.5 cm | * Capacity: 140 ml

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