Flamingo Bellagio Drinking Fountain 2L Blue


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Inspired by the famous Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, this pet fountain is designed to look great in your home and encourage dogs and cats to drink more water. The constant flow of water is pumped by a quiet submersible pump and the flow rate can be adjusted according to your animals preference. The 2 L capacity fountain is suitable for household pets of most sizes. An activated carbon filter ensure your pet is receiving great tasting and refreshing water always. The unit is easy to clean and a replacement filter is included.|| * Colour: blue | * Capacity: 2L | * Quiet submersible pump | * Activated carbon filter to improve water quality | * Adjustable flow rate | * Easy to clean | * Encourages drinking | * Includes replacement filter || Dimensions: | * Bowl circumference: 17.5cm | * Maximum height: 17cm | * Bowl height: 13cm | * Base: 26.5cm x 20.8cm

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