Flamingo Bird Toy Wico Pia Multi 30cm


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The Wico range of bird toys from Flamingo are beautifully crafted cage danglers made from a variety of textured materials and vibrant colours designed to encourage playfulness, alleviate boredom as well as mentally and physically stimulate your bird. The dangler attaches easily to any cage roof with a secure chain link and metal snap hook. The Wico Pia has a unique tropical themed design with a coconut top and 4 separate danglers. Each dangler is attached to the coconut top with a rope and features multicoloured wooden discs, branch ends and knotted balls. The durable toy is designed to withstand the rigours of biting and is designed to entice your bird to interact with it.|| * Dimensions: 30cm | * Metal chain for secure and easy installation | * Various colours materials and textures | * 4 danglers attached with rope to a coconut top | * Mentally stimulating bird toy

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