Flamingo Cat Litter Scoop Cup 2 Black


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Scoop the poop and remove the clumping from cat litter easily with this stylish, slotted scoop in black. | Now you can keep your litter cleaner for longer by removing the solid waste as soon as it arrives. Lift the cat’s business from the litter box with no hassle and no fuss. | Litter boxes should essentially be completely cleaned twice a week, but that’s a general guideline, depending on what litter you use. Some clumping litter only needs replacing every two to three weeks; which we also sell. | A scoop cup is necessary for removal of waste to keep the litter box odour free and clean – this one ticks all the boxes, removes the waste and leaves the clean litter behind. | | * Cat litter scoop | * Slotted scoop cup | * Scoops the poop | * Leaves clean litter behind | * Easily cleans the litter box | * Dimensions: 11.5x16x10 cm

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