Flamingo Cat Toy Tibo Circuit Round 27x27x38cm

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A great toy for stimulating your cat's hunting instincts and exercising them in the comfort of your home. The pink plastic base houses two separate, open circular tunnels with a ball secured in each. The balls move around the circumference of the base as your cat paws the balls. The ball on the outer tunnel has a rattle sound for added stimulation. A flexible plastic wand clips into the centre of the base with a dangling mouse at the attached to the end for even more interactive fun. The toy provides a sensory playground for your cat that is stable and easy to store when not in use.|| * Colour: Pink | * Two-ball internal tunnel | * Rattle ball | * Flexible wand with dangler toy | * Promotes agility and intelligence | * Dimensions: 27.5cm (base) x 38cm (height with dangler attached)

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