Flamingo Chick n Snack Twisted Stick 55g

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Tasty snacks of rawhide beef chews twisted with real chicken make for the best treats ever. Chicken is essential in doggies diets, and a good source of protein, Omega 6 fatty acids, essential amino acids and glucosamine. Everything in these snacks is exactly what your fur baby needs for a healthy gut, strong bones and shiny fur coat. Plus they are low in fat, high in protein, contain no added sugar, and are gluten free, perfect for all diets. Lip smacking goodness in every delicious bite, will keep them busy for hours. || * Healthy chicken treats | * Beef rawhide chicken twists | * Tasty dog treats | * High in protein | * Low in fat | * Healthy gut | * No added sugar | * Gluten free | * Strong bones, shiny coat

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