Flamingo Clavio Ferret Hammock 37x37cm


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Make the ferret even happier in their cage with this fun hammock to play in, they are naturally excitable and friendly with bushy tails and a swing and hammock is a necessity. This hammock easily attaches to the cage by the clasps, it has a plush lining and durable, cute patterned outer material, designed to last. Ferrets love to swing, they love to be busy, it’s in their nature, keep them happy, entertained and playing all day with this fun hammock swing. | | * Ferret hammock | * Hangs from the cage | * Ferret swing | * Provides fun play | * Durable patterned material | * Plush lined | * With clasps to attach | * Easily attaches to the cage| * For play and comfort | * Diameter: 37×37 cm

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