Flamingo Clavio Hamster Basket 15x13x55cm


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Soft, warm and plush, your pet hamster will love the finery of this gorgeous basket in their cage. It’s going to provide them with a soft and warm place to rest, nest and sleep. Hamsters are busy and full of energy, and after running the wheel all day and expending all their energy, they will want to relax and take a nap, this bed provides the perfectly comfortable space in their cage. It looks cute too, with faux fur lining, and the sides are raised so they can rest their little heads and survey their world, and you get to keep an eye on them. | | * Hamster basket | * Safe and warm bed | * Pattern design | * Raised sides | * Faux fur lined | * Plush and comfortable | * Dimensions: 15x13x4 cm

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