Flamingo Corn Cob Bedding 4kg 10L

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Made from 100% natural corn cob this bedding, for little furry pets’ cages, offers superior absorbency and is dust free and odourless. It will also not stick to the paws, and because it is dust free, prevents respiratory problems. | This corn cob bedding is 100% biodegradable too, and is suitable for use in terrariums, bird cages and even cats’ litter trays. | Safe for little pets – if they eat it, they love maize. || * Corn cob bedding | * For furry pets’ cages | * Cat litter | * Terrariums | * 100% biodegradable, natural corn | * Superior absorbency | * Dust free | * Odourless | * Quantity: 4 kg–10 litre

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