Flamingo Loekie 3 Puppy Toys TPR

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An awesome starter kit to encourage your puppy to play and chew safely. The set comprises three unique toys designed to provide varied fun and endless hours of entertainment for your pup. All the toys are made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is safe-to-chew and highly durable. The 3 toys included are an elephant toy with a tennis ball belly, triple interconnected rings with ridges that provide a tactile surface to chew as well as dog bone on a rope so you can play games of tug with your puppy. The kit is great for training and bonding with your dog.|| * Thermoplastic rubber toys | * Set of 3 | * Triple ring hoop (11 x 5.3cm) | * Elephant ball toy (7.2 x 9.5cm) | * Dog bone on rope (4.5 x 16cm) | * Non-toxic and safe to chew | * Durable | * Helps to clean teeth | * Suitable for puppies

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