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Animalzone Rabbit Food Value Tub 3kg

R 258.95


The Animal Zone 3kg Rabbit Food provides a tasty, balanced and complete meal that provides everything your rabbit needs to thrive. This nutritious food contains a combination of roasted and rolled grains and compressed pellets. These pellets contain a mixture of lucerne, roasted grains and dried vegetables to provide all the essential vitamins and minerals your rabbit needs to live a happy and healthy life. Not only does this food contain all the nutrients your rabbit needs but also has the addition of antioxidants and prebiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system and a strong body. This food can be used as their sole source of food or as an addition to their diet along with fresh fruit and vegetables. | | * Complete and balanced meal | * Suitable for all rabbit species | * Can be use as sole source of food | * Weight: 3kg

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