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Boyu Instant Siphon Gravel Cleaner

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The BY-28 submersible gravel siphon cleaner is an easy and quick-to-use vacuum cleaner for the inside of your aquarium. Effectively siphon tank water and clean around and inside your gravel substrate in a flash. It comprises of an innovative design with auto siphon pump, on and off control valve for flow of water and an integrated gravel and fish strainer. Made of high quality plastic and silicon, the siphon function is implemented by a squeeze-to-start action to the auto pump, causing the siphon to form. The flow control feature can be adjusted according to your fish tank’s size and this instant gravel siphon cleaner can be used in small to large sized aquariums. Get rid of waste and dirt conveniently and safely with this important piece of equipment that should be in any hobbyist’s aqua kit. Submerge one end of the vacuum cleaner cylinder inside your fish tank and place the other end in a bucket while ensuring that the water level is higher than the outlet. || * Length: 152mm (intake tube) + 1848mm (water tube) | * Squeeze-to-Start | * Innovative | * Easy Reach | * Durable | * Efficient | * Strainer | * Water Flow Control | * Model: BY-28

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