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Boyu Siphon Gravel Cleaner 612mm + 1388mm

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Boyu’s GC-303 siphon cleaner is a top of the range vacuum cleaner for convenient fish tank maintenance. This powerful gravel cleaner thoroughly and speedily cleans the substrate by siphoning the dirt in and around it. It also siphons the water from your aquarium in a highly efficient manner. To keep your aqua scape in premium condition it uses a triangular prism shaped, 635mm tube to get into all the nooks and crannies. It contains an integrated fish and gravel guard/strainer and water flow is controlled by an on and off switch, making it possible to adjust it in a fish tank of any size. So easy to use, you activate the siphon by shaking it, eliminating the need to suck on the end of the tube and swallowing aquarium water! This two metre long siphon cleaner is a popular choice due to its versatility and multi function in keeping your aquatic environment pristine and healthy by removing solid waste and swirling gravel stones to process cleaning. Choose the ideal sized siphon cleaner for your substrate cleaning needs. Submerge the one tube end in the fish tank and place the other end in a bucket, ensuring the outlet is lower than water level. || * Length: 612mm (intake tube) + 1700mm (water tube) | * Easy Use | * Cleans Gravel | * Removes Waste | * Shake to Start Mechanism | * Easy Reach | * Instant | * Model: GC-303

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