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Boyu Submersible Thermometer

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The Boyu BT-06 submersible digital display thermometer is crucial in the monitoring of your aquarium’s water temperature. Such a compact accessory with a very important function, you ensure the longevity and ongoing health of your fish tank life. A wireless device with integrated probes, completely waterproof and easy to handle, attach and read, you can effortlessly place it inside your tank, attached to the aquarium glass for a highly accurate reading. It displays the temperature to the nearest degree and can be used in a saltwater or freshwater environment. The submersible digital thermometer comes with a battery (1A) and a sucker for attachment. The solid oval shaped digital thermometer is made of durable, high quality plastic and adds a modern and attractive element to your aquarium. || * Dimensions: 580 x 280 x 550mm | * Wireless |* Digital | * Waterproof | * Saltwater and Freshwater | * Model: BT-06

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