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Bravecto Large One Tablet 1000mg 20kg to 40kg Blue

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Bravecto Large dog is suitable for dogs weighing 20 - 40kg’s. Get fast tick and flea control and long-lasting prevention for your large dog with Bravecto Toy Dog chewable tablet. With Bravecto Chew tablets, your dog gets 12 weeks of flea and tick protection with a single treatment, making this an efficient and cost-effective solution. A single dose of Bravecto Chew should be given to your large sized dog by mouth with food and is safe for use on pregnant, breeding and lactating dogs. This broad-spectrum, long-lasting protection starts killing fleas within 2 hours of use and kills >95% of fleas and 100% of ticks within 12 hours. ||Kills ticks and fleas fast |*Vet recommended |*Safe for use on dogs |*Chewable tablet |*Suitable for dogs weighing 20 - 40kg’s |*Pack of 1 tablet

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