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Broadline Top Spot For Cats

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Provide the best protection for your small cat, both inside and out, with Broadline Small Cat treatment that is spot-on. | This easy-to-use treatment is both fast and safe providing groundbreaking, effective internal and external parasite protection. Broadline’s unique formulation is the only all-in-one parasite treatment for cats that kills fleas, ticks, roundworms and tapeworms. The spot-on treatment allows easy topical application in a single monthly dose. This treatment not only kills adult fleas but eggs and larvae too, breaking the flea cycle for highly effective flea control. | This versatile, fast acting treatment is suitable for small cats weighing 2.5–7.5 kg. | | * Spot-on treatment | * Control of ticks, fleas and a range of worms | * Easy application | * Suitable for cats weighing 2.5–7.5 kg | * Size: 1x0.9 ml

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