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Complete Beef goulash Tin

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Complete Meaty Loaf 775 g tinned food in beef goulash flavour is a delicious and nutritionally complete food for your dog. Meaty Loaf provides adequate protein and an optimal balance of omega-3:6 to ensure your dog maintains muscle mass, cognitive function and a shiny coat. This tasty food was developed by leading nutritionists to ensure it contains everything your dog needs to live a healthy and happy life. Full of natural ingredients, it is made of 7% crude protein with added essential vitamins and minerals to create a healthy and balanced meal. | | This beef goulash-flavoured food is both tasty and nutritionally adequate to meet your dog’s unique dietary requirements as well as satisfy his/her taste buds. | | * Nutritionally complete | * Contains essential vitamins and minerals | * Delicious beef goulash flavour | * Size: 775 g

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