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Complete Cat

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Complete Cat 3 kg dry food provides a tasty and balanced high-quality cat food that contains everything your cat needs for optimal health. It contains real chicken and fish protein as well as essential omega-3:6 fats to support strong muscles and promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Complete Cat is formulated with a combination of whole grains, natural fibre and prebiotics to help your cat maintain a healthy digestive system. This nutritious food contains all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal bone and joint development as well as a healthy immune system. Vitamin A and Taurine, an essential vitamin and amino acid that cats require to maintain their heart and eye health, is added. Natural flavour enhancers ensure that your cat will be running back for more. | | * Nutritionally complete | * Contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals | * Enhanced with fibre and prebiotics | * Suitable for adult cats |* Size: 3 kg

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