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Daro Oat Hay 4kg

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Oat Hay is a deliciously nutritious grass high in fibre which is excellent for digestion. It also contains low protein and is an appealing alternative to regular hay that contains savoury husks full of flavour and yummy texture. Suitable for a variety of small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas oat hay should be supplemented with fresh vegetables and pellets to provide a complete and healthy nutritional diet. You can also blend Oat Hay with other grass hays to create a variety of tastes for your pet.|| * 4kg | * High fibre hay | * Naturally fortified with vitamins and minerals for health and vitality | * Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas | * contains savoury oat hay husks | * Adds variety to your pet's diet

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