Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585119039

Flamingo Basket Denie Suitcase Blue 45cm

R 1,850.00


This elegant blue suitcase with faux leather finishes and handle will look really chic and stylish in your home no matter where you place it. Set the trend in fashion forward style, but that�s not the only use for it, it will also double as a cat bed and basket. It comes complete with hole for their access and comfortable cushion. Cats love small enclosed spaces to feel safe in and to relax in, to survey their kingdom from, this suitcase will not only enhance your home, but also add a modern place for cats to sleep, relax and chill in. | | * Stylish denim suitcase | * Doubles as a cats bed | * Enclosed space for cats | * Removable lid | * Comfortable cushion | * With fake leather handle| * Fashionable design | * Diameters: 45x34x24 cm | * Colour: Denim | * Cushion: Blue

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