Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585119015

Flamingo Basket Denie Suitcase Blue White 45cm

R 1,188.00


Cats love boxes and hidey holes, they provide secure comfort and a safe place for them to relax in. Now take their box to another level with this stylish denim suitcase, complete with brown faux leather finishes, and a comfortable padded cushion. The lid is easily removable for cleaning and access, and there�s a hole on the side for them to climb through. Don�t be surprised if you don�t see too much of your cat when this box comes home, it�s going to provide them a wonderful outlook from a fun, enclosed space. It�s going to look fabulous in the home, and they will definitely approve. | | * Cats denim suitcase bed | * Safe enclosed space for cats | * With comfortable cushion | * With fake leather handle| * Fashionable design | * Removable top | * Diameters: 45x34x24 cm | * Colour: Denim | * Cushion: Blue and white

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