Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585062298

Flamingo Budgie Cage Klara1 Copper 39x25x53cm

R 1,193.99 ZAR R 1,989.00


Copper looks so beautiful on a cage, and when paired with a black bottom it stands out even more. | This stunning cage comes with accessories including perches and bowls for food and water - just add the bird. Parakeets are going to love the stylish design and beautiful finish of this cage, no rude chirping or complaints from them when they move in the cage. | The bottom is removable for easy cleaning, and with the hook, it can be hung anywhere. | | * Copper parakeet cage | * With removable base | * With perches and bowls | * Bird cage | * Stylish design | * Dimensions: 39x25x53 cm

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