Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585084368

Flamingo Car Seat Ula 41x36x25cm

R 575.99 R 1,439.00


For your peace of mind, and their safety, you will need this car seat to keep your dogs safely next to you when you travel.| This car seat easily attaches to the passenger seat or back seat with one strap around the headrest and one around the back of the seat for added reinforcement. It comes with an adjustable leash so you can attach their collar or harness ensuring that they won’t be able to jump out. | Made from durable and stylish material it will not only look great in the car, but also last a long time. | | * Dogs’ car seat | * Easily attaches to passenger or back seat | * With strap for headrest and back | * Durable and sturdy | * Travel safely with your pet | * Colour: Black and grey | * Dimensions: 41x36x25 cm

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