Flamingo  |  SKU: 5415245152004

Flamingo Cat Harness Set Black Red 10mmx110cm

R 254.90 ZAR


A matching red and black harness with lead is just the thing to step outside walking with your cat. With comfortable design, adjustable strap and easy release clip, outdoor walks s with you and your feline pet are going to be too much fun. Cats enjoy walking on a harness once they are used to it, and with you at the other end of the lead, how fun to be out and about exploring the big outdoors. Start them slowly by letting them get used to the harness indoors and in your garden, then add the lead without tension and finally tension till they are comfortable and used to walking in it, then it’s time for walks outside that get longer every day. || * Cat harness and lead set | * Colour: Red and black | * Adjustable strap | * Comfortable fit | * Just add the cat | * Length: 110cm | * Width: 10mm

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