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Flamingo Cat Litter Blend 15kg

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Bentonite cat litter made with silica gel crystals is the perfect way to keep your home and their litter box odour free. | With a 350% absorption capacity, this litter is the best for cats� and kitties� business in the box. It�s easy to clean too, just scoop the poop and clumps and keep the litter cleaner for longer. | Ideally, as a rule, litter should be completely replaced twice a week, but depending on circumstances, and if you clean the clumps and waste litter daily, it can last much longer. | | * Cat litter blend | * 350% absorption capacity | * Quantity: 15 kg | * Odourless | * 99% dust free | * Bentonite: 100% and silica gel: 5%

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