Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585039733

Flamingo Cat Toy Woolen Balls 45cm

R 94.95


These woollen balls with sound to delight the cats and kittens no end, come two in a colourful pack. | They’ll be clawing at, and smacking these balls around all day for endless fun and entertainment. You can throw it for them too and watch their moves as they go after it. Every time they bite into this toy, it’s going to squeak, so be prepared for a lot of that too. | Some cats like to carry their toys around, and some like to hide them - these woollen balls will do the trick. | | * Cats’ and kittens’ toy | * Woollen balls | * With squeaker | * Fun for felines | * Assorted colours | * Quantity: 2 in a pack | * Size: 4.5 cm

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