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Flamingo Cat Toy Yowly Dragonfly Multi 18cm

R 149.95


This Yowly dragonfly has 4 long dangly fabric legs with red velvet paws attached to each leg. Your cat will love to paw the legs and scratch on the various fabrics provided by this luxurious cat toy. The multicoloured toy has a super soft and fluffy head with a matching fluffy body and a set of flappy fabric wings. Each section of the dragonfly is made from different colours, fabrics and patterns that create a bespoke look and feel. Large white pom-pom eyes and a wide smile give this dragonfly cat toy a friendly and warm appeal. || * Dimensions: 18cm | * 4 flappy fabric wings | * Large fluffy body and head | * 4 fabric legs with red velvet paws | * Suitable for all cats | * Colour: multicoloured

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