Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585069914

Flamingo Dog Toy Rubber Ball With Bell and Rope 8cm

R 109.95


Extreme fun for both of you, this rubber ball on a rope is sure to delight and will entertain for hours. | You grab the handle, and the pooch the ball, and it’s game on for tug of war - let’s see who wins! With the handle you can also swing the ball above your head and let fly; the pooch must then retrieve and return. | Great for exercise and fun play all day, the ball, when chewed will also gently clean teeth and remove plaque and tartar. There’s even a bell which makes it more fun. | | * Dogs’ toy | * Rubber ball with rope | * For tug of war | * For throw and retrieve | * Fun for both of you | * With bell | * Diameter: 8 cm | * Assorted colours

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