Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585116458

Flamingo Dog Toy TPR Ando Frog Green 16cm

R 219.95


With the cutest face around and a thermoplastic tummy, this all-in-one rubber frog doubles as a chewy toy and dental care. | Thermoplastic is gentle on teeth and gums while it cleans them, and also removes plaque and tartar. Dogs will love a good chew on this durable toy that is self-healing and won’t break; no messy bits lying about. | Take care of their teeth in a fun way, keep their jaws strong and keep them entertained for hours - this toy does all of that. | | * Dogs chewy toy | * Rubber frog | * Durable and long-lasting | * Cleans teeth and gums | * Thermoplastic rubber | * Removes plaque and tartar build-up | * Strengthens jaws | * Size: 16 cm

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