Flamingo  |  SKU: 5415245029900

Flamingo Groo Me Scissors

R 134.99 ZAR R 149.95


Ideal for neatening the choppy look on you’re pet, once you’re done trimming with normal scissors, these scissors or shears will do the job well. Featuring one blade with teeth, and one without, they will not only neaten, but also trim and thin a thick coat. The rounded blades minimise the risk of injury when cutting around sensitive areas like the face, nose, ears, parts of the legs and anus. Do your own grooming the professional way with these trimming scissors and keep your pets hair beautifully groomed. | | * Trimming scissors | * Thinning shears | * One blade with teeth, one without | * Rounded edges | * Thins coat | * Neatens choppy cuts | * For sensitive areas | * Grooming at home

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