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Flamingo Hamster Cage Enzo3 415x285x485cm

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Hamsters will love this cage complete with a little house for a home on the bottom level. | It’s got everything they need for fun, stimulation, physical activity and play. There are tube tunnels to climb and access the multiple levels from their hamster house right at the bottom. There’s a hamster wheel for all-day running and working off that excess energy. They can use the tube to run up a level for a better view, and then up to the next level for food or water, and back down again. | It’s endless fun in the cage for the little furry friend to enjoy all day. | | * Hamster cage | * With tube tunnels for access | * Multiple levels | * Running wheel | * House at the bottom | * Removable bottom for easy clean | * Dimensions: 41.5x28.5x48.5 cm

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