Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585059809

Flamingo Hamster Toy Globe 11x10x14cm

R 57.00


Keep your pet hamster, amused and playing all day will this fun atlas globe toy they can climb into and explore. Hamsters are active and inquisitive, they get bored easily and might get destructive in their cage, prevent any boredom and keep them happily occupied playing with this fun globe toy. Spoiling your hamsters with lots of toys goes without saying, they are going to love playing with this funky globe toy that will keep them active and amused for hours, because hamsters love to play, and they love to be busy, they're wonderful pets to keep. || * Hamster toy | * Hamsters at play | * Hamster globe toy | * Keep hamsters busy | * Hamster cage toy | * Size: 11X10X14cm

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