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Flamingo Net Breeder

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The net breeder comes highly recommended and can safely be added to your existing aquarium, saving you money you would have spent on a separate breeding tank! The Boyu NB-3201 net breeder for your aquarium fish tank is made from plastic with a fine but durable slip nylon mesh material that covers the entire frame. The hatchery’s net trap provides a safe floating area for live bearing fish and fry from tank dangers and predators and offers an isolated space for aggressive or injured fish. The new frame style with single breeding trap offers instant quarantine and safety for new born fry away from their mothers with its professional 2-layer system. Very easy to assemble and attach, it comes with four lockable and removable legs, an upper and lower frame and suction cups that allow for attachment to your aquarium glass. It’s important to note that sickly fish in need of isolation should be kept in a separate tank as they could still contaminate their fellow aquarium inhabitants when kept in the net breeder. Remember that the net breeder should be positioned to ensure the water level is below the top frame and should be rinse with aquarium water (preferably), prior to use. Please do allow for very slight colour and measurement differences. || * Dimensions: 145 x 150x 150mm | * Freshwater, Saltwater and Tropical | * New Style Frame |* Protect Newborn Fry | * Cost Effective Breeding System | * Isolates Injured and Aggressive Fish | * Durable Materials | * Easy DYI | * Model: NB-3201

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