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Flamingo Rabbit Cage Sprinters 120cm Ivory

R 1,799.99 ZAR R 2,999.00


If you're going on a trip and need to take your rabbit with you, then this cage is ideal. | Spacious enough not to stress the pet, they can still see the goings-on as opposed to being in a confining transport carrier. If you need to temporarily rehouse the rabbit while you clear out their hutch for a proper clean, then this is the cage you need to keep them safe, without the risk of them running off and getting lost. | The cage comes with a solid, durable plastic base and removable top for easy access to your pet and cleaning. | | * Rabbit cage | * For car travel | * Temporary housing | * Durable plastic base | * Removable top | * Colour: Ivory | * Dimensions: 120x60x56 cm

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