Flamingo  |  SKU: 5400585002539

Flamingo Scratch Pole Charbonel Black 47x35x103cm

R 1,249.00


A scratch pole made from durable sisal will sharpen the cat’s claws, removing the outer worn sheath for new growth, and stretching against the pole will tone and strengthen the muscles. Climbing the pole will add physical activity and keep them fit. Now add multiple platforms and a cave box, and cats and kittens will be delighted and entertained for hours. | This stylish scratch pole is plush and fun while providing important health functions at the same time. | | * Cats’, kittens’ scratch pole | * Sisal scratch pole | * Mulitple plush platforms | * Sharpens claws | * Tones muscles | * Cats’ entertainment | * Colour: Black | * Dimensions: 47x35x103 cm

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