Flamingo  |  SKU: 5415245091204

Flamingo Shampoo And Conditioner 2 In1 300ml

R 129.95


Washing your pooches is essential to keep their coats clean and shiny, but it can dry the coat and skin out. Use a good 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner to ensure the coat retains moisture and keeps a healthy, glossy shine. Now cleaning and care comes in one convenient bottle for a tangle free coat. Makes grooming a whole lot easier. Also remember to regularly clean their teeth and ears. Dogs are going to love this gentle shampoo and conditioner, keeps them sweet smelling and clean. || * Dogs shampoo and conditioner | * Untangles coat | * Moisturisers skin and coat | * For a glossy shine | * Size: 300ml

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