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Flamingo Toy Parakeets Mirror Balls Ladder 20cm

R 194.95


They are going to have forever fun with this interactive toy set, parakeets will think they�ve found bird heaven. Playful by nature, parakeets are going to love this whole collection in one toy set. There�s a fun ladder for climbing on, complete with bird friend at the top to talk to. That�s not all, there�s a mirror with bell too. Mirror toys for parakeets are fascinating because they shine and reflect a friend, be prepared for lots of talking. But still, that�s not even all, this toy set even comes with a whole string of fun balls to chew and climb on for healthy claws, feet and sharp beaks, with bell. Like we said, bird heaven. || * Parakeets multi toy | * Mirror with bell | * Fun ladder | * String of balls with bell | * Parakeets toy set

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