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Healthy centres Breath & Dental Cat 50g

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The crispy outer shells of these scrumptious treats help to prevent plaque build-up and are filled with a delicious cream centre that contain parsley leaf and clove oil to freshen your cat's breath. The treats also contain Omega 3 fatty acids to enhance coat and skin quality and contain zero artificial preservatives to ensure better digestion of these bite size nibbles. Each pack contains 22 treats and are ideal as a snack as part of your cat's regular daily diet that deliver excellent taste and helps to maintain great oral hygiene.|| * Crispy cereal shell | * Cream-filled centre | * Parsley leaf and clove oil for fresh breath | * Helps to prevent plaque build-up | * 50g | * 22 treats per bag | * Ideal for cat training | * Enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids | * No artificial preservatives

Reviews (2)