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Karoo Dog Food Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Lamb Dry Dog Food

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Karoo Puppy Food For Large and Giant Breed Puppies is a super-premium dog food for puppies that is scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of these breeds of puppies. Specially added Kaolin provides a protective coating to the gastrointestinal tract, aiding optimal nutrient absorption. Chondroitin and Glucosamine provides support for rapidly growing joints and cartilage of large puppies. Because it is made with real chicken, lamb and rice puppies love the taste!|| Product Features: | * Low Carbohydrate Formulation | * Omega 3 and 6 for skin and coat support | * DHA for vision and brain support | * Prebiotics: Beet Pulp and Inulin | * Antioxidants and Vitamins (E & C) for immune support | 8kg

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