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Montego Classic Dog Food Senior Dry Dog Food

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Years of being your best friend and doing exercise can take a toll on your dog so it's only natural that they need a different diet as they age. Montego Classic Senior Dog Food is a complete and balanced meal that is enticingly delicious and highly digestible for your senior dog. Montego Classic dry food gives your dog extra energy, improves its well-being and contributes to its happiness. Each bite contains the right amount of protein, fat, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants to maintain your dog's well-being and improve ageing during the later years of life. | | * Suitable for all senior dog breeds | * Made up of 20% high-quality, easily digestible Protein to maintain strong muscles and a healthy body | * Contains Amino acids (L-Lysine and DL-Methionine) for metabolism functioning | * Contains 4% Rice for easily digestible energy | * Limited Phosphorous and added Biotin to promote internal health | * Includes age-appropriate levels of Vitamin C & E to fight free radicals, support a stronger immune system and promote daily cell renewal

Reviews (9)