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Montego Classic Dog Wet Food Adult Beef & Veg Canned

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Montego's Classic Wet Food is just what your dog's dry pellets need to turn a boring meal into a tasty and irresistible dish. You won't have to entice your dog to eat, the succulent beef and wholesome vegetable flavour will have your dog begging for more. It contains the correct nutrient levels such as protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals (without preservatives and antioxidants) that dogs need in a healthy diet. The wet food consists of offal meats (liver, lung and kidneys) and chicken fats which contains high levels of amino acids and essential fatty acids. Craved by all dogs around the country. I * Can be fed as its own meal or added to dry pellets I * Suitable for all adult dogs of all breeds I * Delicious and nutritious beef and veg flavour I * Contains correct nutrient levels and acts as a source of protein I * See package for quantity instructions

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