Oster  |  SKU: 34264416420

Oster Blade No 7F

R 1,399.90


For a fine professional grooming cut and finish, close to the edge, this snap on blade will leave 3.2 millimetres of hair on your pooch. Easily detached for cleaning and disinfecting, this blade features an industry first AgION anti-microbial protection coating, which reduces bacterial growth, mould and mildew. Blades are also cryogenically treated to produce a more toughened, harder durable steel and sharpness that will last, and they are chrome plated, and carbon edged. Invest in the best, this blade offers superior quality, designed for use with the Oster detachable blade clippers and other compatible models. | | * Oster snap-on blade range | * Full toothed, fine cut blade | * Cryogenically treated | * Durable, strengthened steel | * Cuts hair to 7.2 millimetres | * Finishing clipper blade | * Professional home grooming | * Blade size: Number 7F

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