Oster  |  SKU: 34264418134

Oster Oster A5 2 Speed Clipper

R 7,999.90


Turbbo charged, the powerful yet quiet motor on these hand held clippers, makes home grooming a breeze, and it can handle anything from all purpose grooming to precision cuts. With two speed settings, and quiet performance, these clippers even glide through thick, matted and tangled hair easily. The first speed setting is for precise grooming and general trimming, and the second setting offers high speed, faster body trimming. Designed for use with the A5 snap-on blade system, these clippers are an excellent investment for stress free grooming at home. | | * Turbo powered, quiet motor | * Heavy duty clippers| * 2 Speed settings | * For all breeds| * Glides through matted, coarse, tangled hair | * For Oster A5 snap-on blades | * Cuts hair to 1.8 millimetre length| * Professional home grooming

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