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Regal Doggy Dental Remedy 400ml

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Keeping teeth clean and gum's healthy is easy with this delicious and healthy dental remedy produced by Regal. Formulated with 4 different herbs that prevent tartar and plaque build up as well as preventing gum disease. The flavour of beef and peanut butter is sure to get those tails wagging. The remedy works by coating the teeth and gums with an antimicrobial action that helps to remove build-up and prevent teeth and gum decay. This is an excellent remedy to help prevent periodontal disease and is designed to improve digestion and keep their breathe fresh and clean.|| * Beef and peanut butter flavour | * Formulated with four herbs that treat build-up of plaque, tartar and prevent gum disease | * Coats teeth and gums | * Aids digestion | * Freshens breath | * 400ml

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