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Regal Pet Stress & Anxiety Beef Flavour 200ml

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Specially formulated with the calming properties of chamomile, passion flower and valerian herbs, this nerve tonic will calm your stressed dog and even enhance their mood. For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, don’t like care trips, stress for noise like thunderstorms and fireworks, this is the ideal remedy. It even calms aggressive dogs, biting dogs, hyperactive dogs and those prone to excessive barking. With delicious beef flavour, it is easy to administer, and will have them calm, with happy tails wagging in no time. | | * Calming nerve tonic | * Specially formulated for dogs | * Herbal remedy | * For separation anxiety, car trips | * For noise stress | * For aggression and biting | * Calms hyperactive dogs | * Stops excessive barking | * Mood enhancer | * Size: 200 ml

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