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Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition Dry Maine Coon Adult Maine Coon Cats From 15 Months

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Your adult Maine Coon cat is a pretty special cat breed and deserves a tailor-made dietary solution to meet its unique nutritional requirements. | Enriched with fatty acids and taurine, the Maine Coon dry food looks after the heart and other organs. As the largest cat breed it can get three times heavier than your average domestic cat. With Maine Coon dry food, special attention is paid to the maintenance of healthy joints, essential in supporting the heavy bone structure and large frame. | The Maine Coon dry food kibbles come in an oversized cube specifically shaped to adapt to his large and square jaw, making it easy for the food to be picked up and chewed. | The texture of the kibbles helps to fight tartar build-up, thereby contributing to your adult Main Coon's oral health. | Omega-3 and -6 and amino acids in the Maine Coon dry kibbles will give your cat a shiny coat and healthy skin and keep him in great health. | Add wet food to his Maine Coon dry food diet for variety and added nutrition. | | * Complete nutrition | * From 15 months | * Joint support | * Cardiac health | * Healthy urinary system | * Specially adapted kibbles | * Oral hygiene | * Healthy coat and skin | * Taurine | * Omega-3 | * Crude protein: 290 g/kg | * Crude fibre: 60 g/kg | * Crude fat: 180 g/kg | * Moisture: 70 g/kg | * Crude ash: 81 g/kg

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