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Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Wet Digestive Care Light Weight Care 85g

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The Digest Sensitive in gravy has been formulated to ease your cat's sensitive stomach, making digestion much easier and more efficient, while guaranteeing increased nutrient absorption. | Selected ingredients will ensure a less strong faecal odour and help your cat maintain his/her perfect body weight. With just the right balance of vitamins and minerals, the Digest Sensitive in gravy will help your cat maintain a healthy urinary tract system and digestive system, while the high protein content will contribute to muscular and bone strength, without stomach upsets. Ensure optimum digestive health in your cat with these delicious thin slices of meat with vegetables in gravy. | Give your cat a complete and balanced diet with Digest Sensitive wet food and combine with the Digest Sensitive dry food in kibble form. Keep a bowl of fresh water nearby and provide your cat with one 85 g pouch of wet food for a complete, balanced meal. | | * Weight maintenance | * Easy digestion | * Optimal urinary function | * Reduces odour | | * Crude protein: 75 g /kg | * Crude fibre: 16 g/kg | * Crude fat: 20 g/kg | * Moisture: 835 g/kg | * Crude ash: 19 g/kg | * Resealable pouch | * Thin slices | * Wet food | * Complete and balanced 

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