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Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Wet Hairball Care 85g

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Cats were created to lick their coats clean ever so often, and although their digestive systems allow for the hair to travel through without hiccups, the occasional hairballs form when it remains in its stomach. | Hairball Care in gravy was specifically created to help your adult cat get rid of ingested hair through the stimulation of the intestinal passage. This results in the successful removal of excess hair in the stomach which means that no hairballs can form. | Further benefits of Royal Canin's Hairball Care in gravy are weight management, regulated stomach flora, sustainable energy levels, renal maintenance and high digestibility. | Mix your cat's Hairball Care in gravy wet food with Hairball Care dry food kibbles for variety and serve daily to provide your cat with a balanced, complete diet. Don't forget the importance of fresh water for your pussycat.| | * Removes ingested hair | * Fatty acids | * Easy digestion | * Healthy intestines | * Sustained energy | * Essential fatty acids | * Protein: 7% | * Crude fibre: 1% | * Fat: 2.7% | * Moisture: 82% | * Crude ash: 1.6% | * Resealable pouch | * Single serving: 85 g | * Adult wet food

Reviews (3)