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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Wet Kitten Instinctive 85g

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Delight your little kitten with the balanced and complete Kitten Instinctive in gravy wet food with all the nutrients needed to ensure a strong immunity and a great start to life! | The thin slices in gravy have been made according to a recipe formulated to appeal to a kitten's natural instinct as far as preferred tastes, smells and textures are concerned. With small meat pieces that are easily chewable for your kitten, Kitten Instinctive in gravy will give your little pet the support he/she needs to develop and grow beautifully and help build his/her natural defences. The correct nutrition is of the utmost importance during the kitten phase and Kitten Instinctive helps with the weaning process by ensuring the food is made in accordance with your kitten's taste and needs. With all the necessary minerals and vitamins, antioxidants and other essential ingredients to guarantee strong bones, peak vitality and great all-round health, Kitten Instinctive with gravy is specifically designed to cater to mommy cat too. | To present variety to your discerning kitten, Kitten Instinctive wet food comes in either a jelly or a loaf form. | | * Easy chew | * Kittens 4-12 months | * Balanced, complete meal | * Strong immunity | * Naturally preferred | * Crude protein: 100 g/kg | * Crude fibre: 19 g/kg | * Fat: 20 g/kg | * Moisture: 810 g/kg | * Crude ash: 20 g/kg | * Resealable pouch | * Wet food 

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